Ken Rhoda B.A., H.H.P., L.M.T

I am a RESULTS oriented practitioner...focusing on your input and what your body tells me during the session...this will NOT be a spa type session!


We benefit from massage and bodywork in so many ways, seeking the help of a professional massage therapist to address pain and discomfort, or to relax from the stress of daily life.  Bodywork can be just as effective in addressing traumatic stress -- recent or past!

Sometimes during a session, when I work on areas which may or may not hurt, emotions can be triggered; these include anxiety, fear, sadness, rush of happiness or a form of  flashback, of an image or situation.

If this does occur, DO NOT hold it in, communicate with me.  Let's decide if we should take a break, end the session or continue the release.  Either way, it is important to have open communication with me about what is going on--just as if the pressure work is too deep, or not deep enough.

Whether you are a full-time athlete, weekend warrior, super mom/dad, facing injury, stress in life, new or chronic aches and pains, or just have a busy schedule. Once you get a massage from me, you will feel the difference and want to make it a regular part of your wellness life.  Make the right call on the road to your recovery!




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