Ken Rhoda B.A., H.H.P., L.M.T

"True healers know that wellness is the order of the day, so they do not allow themselves, even for a moment, to see anything other than that. So, the power of the healer is in the power to influence the one who needs to be healed into a vibration that allows the healing that they are summoning. (that they could get, even without the healer, but they can get faster with a healer's influence).


Whether you are a full-time athlete, weekend warrior, super mom/dad, facing injury, stress in life, new or chronic aches and pains, or just have a busy schedule. Once you get a massage from me, you will feel the difference and want to make it a regular part of your wellness life.  Make the right call on the road to your recovery!

Understanding Stress

Three stages of adaptation a person goes through as a reaction to a psychological or physical demand. 

  1. Alarm - The body recognizes a threat or some kind of challenge and the sympathetic nervous system kicks in, producing a “flight or fight” response.

  2. Resistance - The body attempts to adapt to, or cope with, a persistent challenging situation. 

  3. Exhaustion - This stage does not always occur, but if it does then the stressor has lasted too long and will start to cause damage to the body, including a depressed immune system.

Good Stress versus Bad Stress

The challenges or changes a person feels good about, is called “eustress”; those a person feels bad about was referred to as “distress.”

The basic difference between the two is in how an individual reacts and accepts the stressor. The same stressor can be perceived differently by various individuals – for one person a trip to a new place can be seen as an exciting adventure, for another it can be a fear of the unknown. It depends on the person’s expectations as well as his or her previous experiences. Both eustress and distress, will affect the body’s defense mechanisms.




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